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What outing at what price ?
Our beautiful playground extends from 1300 to 3000 m altitude: :

         Away from the pistes and pylons, the mid-mountain opens up its Christmas fairy tale décor to us, where only the wildlife has left its tracks. A total immersion into nature. We can trek though a forest, watch chamois or discover an old village where we will have lunch around the fire.

         The altitude outings show off all the beauty of a light sparkling snow in the luminous and invigorating atmosphere of the high mountain. We walk between the snow and the sky. It’s a gentle fun way to discover the upper valley, from the foot of the glacier to virgin snow areas only accessible to walkers. We can sometimes come across a white mountain hare or a stoat.

         The number of participants is limited to 12 but this number is often reduced to 8 by the capacity of our minibus when a move is required. This is indicated on our program which combines every week mid-mountain and altitude outings, with an easy or a rando level.

         see the programme
         see "level" section

         Tariff for winter 2020-2021
Half day (easy)    : 26 € per person
Half day (hike)     : 32 € per person
Full day (hike)      : 55 € per person
Free transport in our minibus or by the resorts-to-villages shuttle to the walk’s starting point
Snowshoes and poles are provided free of charge

         see the equipment section
Le Montaulever
Forest of Goffay
         Package price
         As the programme is made up of all sorts of outings at different prices, we don’t offer a package price but a 10 % reduction on all your outings for 5 or more walks, whether you book them all at the same time or one by one. You can thus choose freely and organise your holiday more easily.

         Family reduction
         This is 10 % and applies to all groups of 4 or more who book and pay together.

         On line booking reduction
         If you book your snowshoe outings on line before your arrival in the resort, you benefit from a 5 % reduction on the whole amount. Reductions above (non cumulative) shall also apply under the same conditions.
         how to book

         To the price of the outing sometimes a ski lift price must be added, a visit or tea in a chalet. This is always pointed out in the programme‘s details.
         see the programme

         Private hiking guide
         If you are a ready organised group, you can hire a private mountain guide to take you on the outing of your choice. The tariff is 240 € for a half day up to 8 people (+ 10 € per additional person) and 360 € for a full day up to 8 people (+ 15 € per additional person). Please contact us for more information :

How to book ?
         On line
         This is the best way to be sure of participating in all the outings that interest you. Places are limited and, especially during the French school holidays, certain outings are very much in demand. In addition, by booking this way you benefit from a 5 % reduction.
         During the week preceding your arrival in the resort, consult the programme from which you can access directly the on line booking service. Your places are reserved up until your arrival in the resort when you must confirm your participation to us by telephone.
         You will pay the total booked on our meeting for your first outing

         consult the programme
         By telephone on 06 09 56 75 00
         If you prefer to wait until you arrive in Les Menuires or Val Thorens, you will find the programme of all the outings (slid into the leaflet opposite) at the reception of most residences and hotels in the resort as well as in the Tourist Office. As soon as you have chosen you can book by telephone all day from 8h to 21h.
         Even if it is better to book in advance or at the start of your holiday, it is always possible to book at the last moment. Certain weeks are calm.
         In both cases
         Booking is free. You will pay the total only on our first meeting.
         When allowing our clients to reserve without paying, we count on each other’s trust - a method which has stood the test of time. Please let us know as early as possible if you cannot participate. Someone will be happy to take your place ! And we will not go with left places (you can imagine that, even if our job is a passion, we must earn our life too...)

Where is the meeting point ?
For some trips, we ask you to take the free shuttle of the Belleville Valley to reach the starting point of the walk. Your guide will wait for you with your equipment at your exit of the shuttle. All practical details are always specified on the program.

In all other cases, we take you at the meeting points specified below:
If you stay in Val Thorens,
for all outings the meeting point is

   in front of the Val Thorens church

It is central and easy to find,
a little bit higher than the Tourist Office.
If you stay in Les Menuires,
for all outings the meeting point is

at the foot of the bell tower of Les Menuires   

The bell tower is visible from afar. We meet on the
upper side in front of the "Espace Maurice Romanet".

If you stay in Saint Martin de Belleville,
for most of our outings (specified on the program), the meeting point can be

next to the bar L'Eterlou

at the top of the central square of the village.
For other villages in the valley, contact us (06 09 56 75 00).
It is often possible to take you on the way.
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How is the programme made up ?
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What is the standard of the walks ?
How many kilometers do we do ?
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