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Who are we ?
         We are a team of mountain guides whose passion extends far beyond our job. Mountain, hiking, nature and nature watching, fill our everyday life. And we are pleased when we can share with you our discoveries and the wonderful things that we see during a beautiful and playful ride.

Brigitte and her group during the ride "Les montagnettes du Bettaix" - photo Sébastien Ratel
         This profession requires a continual hunger to learn and deepen your knowledge throughout your life. The areas covered are vast: the natural environment (geology, fauna and flora) and also the human environment (history, traditions, housing, agriculture) which are so intimately interwoven. A guide must also enjoy communicating his passion. That's what drives us every day: continuing to explore our beautiful valley with our clients.

         To learn more about our profession:
what is a mountain leader?

Raquette Nature? A little history

Brigitte - Winter 1998-99
         In the winter 1992/93, the desire to share the beauty of these landscapes unknown for most tourists pushed Brigitte Ruff into organising outings under the name Val Thorens Nature. Indeed, snowshoes give an easy access to the slopes of virgin snow, to nature remained intact corners, sometimes quite close to the slopes, but unsuspected by skiers. The need for escape is real and every year her numerous regulars are joined by more and more snowshoe adepts.

         After a few seasons guiding by herself all the outings every week, Brigitte called on other colleagues from time to time to help her: Delphine, Damien, Gilles, David Roland all of whom regulars have got to know. This allowed her to expand the weekly programme of snowshoe outings and also ... to take a few half-days off!
         From the 2008-2009 season, Brigitte wished to ensure sustainable help of other mountain leaders, while sharing her expertise and customer base. But first, she wanted to keep the state of mind which had made the success of her walks: quietness, relaxation, friendliness, care, sharing, contemplation. Then, a real communal structure has emerged, and the choice of partners was naturally made between those with common interests: fauna, flora, nature. We all know each other as we have worked several seasons together already: Delphine and Brigitte in the winter; Sebastien, Celine and Brigitte in the summer with the Bureau des Guides des Belleville. This reinforcement allowed to offer a more varied program of outings and also to satisfy an ever increasing demand on the resorts of Val Thorens, Les Menuires and Saint Martin, but still, of course, in small groups.

Brigitte Sébastien Delphine Céline
         When creating Raquette Nature, it was understood that everyone was free about his future choices. Thus two of the founding members chose to withdraw to become honorary members: Céline, because his other profession has become more and more time-consuming, and Sebastien, who preferred to take up an employment which leaves him more time for his first passion: photography. You can see his beautiful pictures on Since the 2015-2016 season, Delphine has been less present. Learning a new trade, she has devoted to Raquette Nature only a few weeks of school holidays. She thinks she will be more often with us for the next winter season. However, Gilles, whose guided tours as reinforcement member have always been very popular, became an active member and he is now more regularly called during the winter. And from the winter of 2017-2018, a new full-time active member has joined our team, Olivier, who has chosen to give up his ancient work to have fun by guiding every day the Raquette Nature hikes.

         You have understood, the adventure continues with a team that fluctuates with everyone's availability and life projects, but always remaining true to the spirit instilled by Brigitte. If some other members have to be added, they will have to fulfill this essential requirement.

         Together, we would like to bring you to share what makes us happy every day: the unknown riches of the beautiful valley where we have CHOSEN to live. Join us to discover the OTHER mountain: wilderness, calm, escape.
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