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Outings on request
         Throughout the winter season and until the beginning of May, Raquette Nature continues to offer you its escapades in the heart of nature, in a mountain even more peaceful than usual. Our outings take place on request from 4 people (or at a minimum rate of 4 people) and in small groups of up to 5 people, respecting barrier gestures. Of course, larger family groups are also welcom. Snowshoes and poles are provided free of charge, as before.

         You can therefore book the outing of your choice at the time that suits you best and thus discover a nature that you may not have suspected if you habitually indulge in the pleasure of downhill skiing.
Choose from our wide range that you can consult here:
         see the choice

         Reservations are made by phone at 06 09 56 75 00 from 8 am to 8 pm. Just tell us what type of outing you would like to do so that we can form homogeneous groups. The location can be chosen at the last moment depending on the snow conditions and safety conditions. and sunshine. Do not hesitate contact us for any additional information.

         And above all,enjoy discovering the mountain gently in an original and relaxed atmosphere. We wish you an excellent stay in our calm mountains.
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