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Programme for the beginning of winter
in the event of a return to normal conditions
         The opening of Val Thorens is scheduled on the end of November, the opening of Les Menuires on the beginning of December. The snowshoe outings will resume as soon as the snow will be sufficient (usually late November).
         At the beginning of winter, we organize the outings on your request by calling +33 609 567 500. A choice of various hikes is possible, depending on conditions. It is not necessary to reserve a long time in advance. We can decide of the best walk to do just before starting.

         to see a choice of hikes for beginning of winter

         To get an idea of winter outings which are proposed, you will find below two sample programmes of hiking for different periods of the season. In order to adapt as best possible to the natural constraints, the programme is never prepared a long time in advance. You must thus wait until the week before your arrival in Les Menuires or Val Thorens to book your outings. (Don’t worry - no-one can book any earlier.)
         to see an exemple of programme for winter (from December to the middle of March)
         to see an exemple of programme for spring (from the middle of March to May)

         To reflect what could be the future program of your week stay, you can see:
         Raquette Nature's timeline

Online booking
         From the middle of December, you will be able to book online from this page. By booking on line you will benefit from a reduction of 5%. All you need to do is to indicate the number of participants for each of the chosen outings and then go to the bottom of the page to see the total and then validate your choice. Then follow the other steps. Your bookings will be sent directly to us by email. You will receive a reply from us within 24 hours. Booking is free. We would simply ask you to confirm your participation by telephone the day that you arrive in the resort. You will pay the full amount of your outings on your first walk.
         See you soon.
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