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Souvenirs to share
On a winter walk in the open air we go through sublime countryside in a light which is sometimes just exceptional. It is a real temptation to bring back some pictures.
On our walks we take lots of photos (the best or the most important of which can be seen on this site) and you are numerous in asking us for a souvenir of your outing. You too may have taken some good shots that you would like to share with the other participants with whom you shared that particular outing.
This is why we have opened an area on the web where we can share photos. To make them available to you, we download all our photos as the season goes on (after a very quick check to bin the really bad ones). The advantage is that none of the pictures are compressed. They keep their original quality which then gives good paper printouts.

How does it work?
The photos are stocked on the site and classified into "collections" by date and by guide. Each collection corresponds to a specific outing.
           2008-12-24 am Delphine : outing on 24th December in the morning guided by Delphine,
           2009-01-15 pm Brigitte : outing on 15th January afternoon guided by Brigitte,
           2009-03-02 j Gilles full day outing on 2nd March guided by Gilles.

To access the site you need a password. Send us a message to this address: giving us your name, first name and regular email address. You will then receive an invitation to consult Raquette Nature’s area on Joomeo, followed by a user name, a password and a clickable link which will lead you directly to the list of the photo collections. From there it’s easy to find the dates you are looking for. You will be able to look at the photos as a slide show, make your choice and then download those that interest you. The site Joomeo is easy to use and, if necessary, the help section is very clear.

Share your photos
If you like, you can also import your own photos on to the site and share them with the other walkers. Name them with, for example, your first name (example : martine01, martine02….., and if there is already another Martine on the site, just invent another first name), and above all, make sure you put them into the right collection!
By letting you do this, we are showing confidence in you. But of course we are not protected from the idiots who may want to slide into our collections photographs that have nothing to do with our outings. If this happens, please excuse us.

It’s free
All of this just requires a little time, except, of course, if you decide to order paper copies.
Just one comment : after having tried out several sites, we chose Joomeo for its clarity, speed and above all because it allows us to really share things with our clients. We have no monetary interest in the affair (in fact just the opposite because we have chosen a site for which we have to pay, because the team from Joomeo has adapted their site to our needs in order to have enough space).
Our only motivation is the pleasure of photography. Join us !
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