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At the foot of Tête Ronde
Imagine : wild and peaceful nature, the muffled silence of immense virgin snow fields, the enchantment of a spruce forest in the falling snow, relaxation and friendly conversation. If, like us, you prefer all of this to the busy ski runs, snow shoe outings are for you.
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Walking with snow shoes doesn’t require any specific technical skills nor any particular physical capacity. In just a few minutes you will have got the hang of it. You can then enjoy making your own marks in the fresh snow, unless you want to follow your guide's to make life easier.

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At a typically slow mountain pace we will enter into a mountain environment where nature is king. Only the snow as a companion. A few moments pause to listen to the murmuring of a stream. A nutcracker signals our presence to the whole forest.
         The slope gets steeper, our steps become slower as our breathing becomes heavier. A squirrel’s tracks cut across our path. Another pause. Through our telescope we can spot three chamois, on the south-facing slope opposite.
         Just one last effort and we arrive at the view point. The valley is spread out at our feet. The sun lights up the crests. We share a hot honey tea from a thermos flask. Time to put the world to rights, finish up with a sip of genepy followed by the joy of a sliding step descent back down to the village …

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Wood of Le Châtelard
Lovers of skiing also have the urge to take time out to enjoy the mountain in a different way. From the effort required to ski, they change to an endurance activity gentle and regular. We are not just simple spectators of the countryside, we get right into it.

Forêt de Goffay
In order to adapt to the natural conditions in the best way, our programme is changed every week. Depending on snow conditions, the slope’s exposure to the sun, the security problems or the possibilities to observe the wildlife, we choose the most beautiful itineraries to make up an interesting (for us too !), varied and progressive programme from which you can select one or several outings all with the aim of helping you discovery the most untouched parts of the whole of the Vallée des Belleville.
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La Vallée des Belleville is the long valley that you go up by road to reach Les Menuires (1800 m) and then 10 km farther, Val Thorens, at an altitude of 2300 metres.
As well as being a huge world-known ski area, this huge Alpine valley also presents an even bigger traditional mountain rural area. With mountain pastures in the summer and a habitat for wild animals throughout the year, these naturally preserved zones are a paradise for walkers.

Valley of Les Dogettes
At high altitude, we walk between the snow and the sky. The dominating impression is that of huge areas combined with the fun of messing around in light sparkling snow.
         In the valley the calm and wild nature imposes itself. We walk in a Christmas fairy tale décor, listening out the whole time for animals. We are welcomed in the villages for tea, visits or local product tastings.

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Le Montaulever

Forest of Goffay
Raquette Nature, more than just a team, it's a state of mind:
Nature is the word. Our love of nature motivates us, brings us together and drives us to explore our mountain environment. And the best way to discover this beautiful winter nature while respecting it, is to put on snowshoes for a careful and gentle walk. What we love above all is to share a moment of calm and relaxation in the beautiful mountain scenery.

         Who are we?

Rando La croix Jean-Claude - photo Sébastien Ratel
All the pictures have been made during the outings.
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